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The Need For StandForGod.Org


Why add another website to the myriad of Christian websites already in existence?  And why try, in the face of such Christian diversity, to better unify, organize, and influence what believers are doing in Canada?

Consider these twenty adverse facts:

(1) In the 2006 Census 71% of Canadians said they are not highly religious.[i]

(2) In the 2006 Census 50% of those aged 15 to 29 declared no religious affiliation.[ii]

(3) The proportion of families based on a married-couple continues to decline, and in 2006, reached a record low of 68.6%.[iii]

(4) The national fertility rate is at 1.49 (.51 below replacement) and “Orthodox” Christian women average 1.35 births.[iv]

(5) Each year, about 335,000 babies are born and another 103,000 are aborted.[v]

(6) The average age to first intercourse is 16.5 years for both sexes and 35% of high school students are sexually active.[vi]

(7) The average age to first marriage keeps getting older and is now 30.3 years for men and 28.5 years for women.[vii]

(8) Some 850,000 people aged 15-49 have sexually transmitted diseases.[viii]

(9) By 2006, 18,289 men and 1,852 women had been diagnosed with AIDS; and 44,771 men and 8,419 women with HIV.[ix]

(10) In 2003, 38.3% of marriages ended in divorce before the 30th anniversary,[x] the third highest rate in the Western World.[xi]

(11) The illicit drug trade (hashish, opium, heroin, cocaine, ecstasy) was between $11 and $46 billion in 2006.[xii]

(12) Between 1994 and 2004, the proportion of Canadians declaring lifetime use of cocaine and crack increased from 3.8 to 10.6%, LSD and hallucinogens 5.2 to 11.4% and speed 2.1 to 6.4%.[xiii]

(13) The number reporting use of an injectable drug in their life increased from 1.7 million in 1994 to 4.1 million in 2004.[xiv]

(14) In Canada, suicide is the leading cause of death for men aged 25 to 29 and 40 to 44, and for women aged 30 to 34; for youth aged 15 to 24, suicide is the second leading cause of death after traffic deaths.[xv]

(15) In 2003, there were 3,765 suicides reported, 26 % more than traffic deaths; and for suicide there are some 100 attempts.[xvi]

(16) In 2002, Canadians spent $11.3 billion gambling, an increase of 320 % from 1992.[xvii]

(17) In 2002, about 18.9 million Canadians gambled, spending on average $600; of these 370,000 had moderate and 120,00 had severe gambling addictions.[xviii]

(18) At least 8,000 migrant girls are illegally trafficked into Canada each year and sold for an estimated $120 million; then they work in brothels or on the street until they fulfill contract quotas, usually $40,000 or 400 men, whichever comes first.[xix]

(19) Canadians spend roughly 1 billion dollars annually on pornographic media – internet, video, pay-per-view TV and adult magazines (prostitution not included).[xx] 

(20) Canada's homeless population grew on average 20% per year for the past decade and is now 150,000 people.[xxi]   

Consider these observations:

· Canada is a quote “World Leader” in full funding and assured access for abortion “on-demand.”

· Canada is one of only five countries worldwide to use the “marriage” word in legislation for same-sex unions.

· Canadian governance has renounced the name of "Jesus Christ" in Parliamentary, Armed Forces and State liturgy.

· Canada has become a secular humanist and homosexist state.  

Now broaden your viewing horizon beyond individual, beyond couple and family, beyond small group and local church, beyond denomination and national fellowship, and ask yourself:

“What is God doing with our Nation?”

“How well are Canadian Christians representing His will for our Country?” 

In just one half century, Christian values in crucial social and political matters of our Nation have been forsaken under the unrelenting assault of secular humanism, moral liberalism, post modernism and most recently homosexism.  The percentage of quote “saved Canadians” is low and falling, and our Constitution, in all practicality, no longer has anything to do with founding principles recognizing God.  State adoption of the most liberal abortion laws and homosexual rights legislations on earth contradicts Scripture and constitutes a judgment against Canadian Christendom - asserted to be as much as 76 percent of our population.[xxii]  [The 2001 Census, revealed that over three quarters of Canadians identified Christianity as their religion: 12.8 million were Roman Catholic (43%); 8.7 million were Protestant (29%); another 0.78 million identified themselves as apostolic, “born again” or “evangelical” other (2.6%); and 0.48 million were Christian Orthodox (1.6%).] 

How is it that our Nation has brazenly continued down a path of governance and social behavior away from God, while this overwhelming Christian majority has “religiously” executed its democratic election right and “faithfully” exercised its entitlement to petition God’s intervention?  Canada’s persistence along this ungodly path is doubly paradoxical, since all Canadians (believers and non-believers) request divine intervention every time we sing the National Anthem - “God keep our Land glorious and free!”  Why has God not answered our prayers for revival? StandForGod.Org is dedicated to exploring the reasons behind the past and ongoing influence failures and to explaining why a national revival seems unlikely under current conditions.   Moreover, this website tries to explain the meaning and consequence of citizenship in a secular humanist and homosexist state.  The Organization also wishes to assist Christians to discover how Canadian Christendom might give a more effective witness and better entreat God’s blessing upon our Nation.  In this regard, the Organization places huge importance on professing Christianity as a comprehensive “worldview,” and not a buffet of elective beliefs. 

A key deduction from our analysis is that the Christian witness in Canada is, in aggregate, feeble, lacking integrity, and over the last fifty years has resulted, time after time, in failure to adequately oppose the social and political activism of a drastically smaller segment of the population.  The witness is too often one of division, denial, indifference, irreverence, and for at least one denomination, willful apostasy.  The witness is also often characterized by ambiguity, timidity, and public withdrawal.  In just a few generations, Canadian Christendom has become a highly contradictory, assortment of denominations and churches, which are in disarray as an effective influence.  The following table shows the two most recent numerical “snapshots” of Canadian Christendom, taken during the 1991 and 2001 Censuses:[xxiii]


 Canadian Christendom



% Change


Roman Catholic Church




United Church




























Salvation Army




Christian Reformed Church




Evangelical Missionary Church




Christian and Missionary Alliance








1. Only specific denominations with counts of 60,000 or more were included.

2. Apparently the positive trend within the Roman Catholic Church is the result of immigration.

3. Note the 2006 Census did not address this topic since the subject is only addressed every ten years.


Canadian Christendom is characterized by division between Roman Catholics and Protestants – the former assert conformity under the infallible spiritual leadership of one man; the latter assert the polar opposite, a so-called “priesthood of individuals,” everyone follows the lead of their own conscience, i.e. “conformity to none.”  The former categorically outlaws abortion on demand, the use of contraception, and homosexual ordination; the latter does not.  The former unconditionally asserts male headship in church affairs; the latter does not.  Ironically, both claim genuine adherence to the Holy Spirit and to have Christ at the church center.  Protestant denominations within Canadian Christendom are often divided.  For an extreme example, one denomination has twenty-one categories of unions, conferences or affiliations in North America, not including additional “free will” churches; and within these conventions or unions, each church (or congregation) exercises significant independence.  Within distinct congregations there often exists a huge breach between orthodox and liberal believers over fundamental issues of faith.  And we are not talking about disputes over non-essentials like whether to have cushioned pews, a full emersion baptismal or blue choir gowns.  Canada’s largest Protestant denomination (some 3,500 congregations), for example, has instigated a unique democratic process along with a pluralistic theology to address huge divergence in authorized belief among its members.  In this denomination congregations are allowed to vote on whether they will perform same-sex marriages.  Once the majority view is exercised, those in the congregation holding minority opposition are encouraged to stay in fellowship.  The theology behind this approach has been summarized this way: “While believing that our faith is grounded in truth, our truth need not deny the truths of others.[xxiv]In this denomination the faith stance of a community, which supports same-sex marriage, does not undermine the faith stance of a community that does not.[xxv]  Exacerbating the issue of chronic conflict over Gospel truth, are the many so-called “religious merchants” - organizations, evangelists and “anointed” healers, who have turned the art of Christian witness into profitable businesses.  

What is Jesus Christ to make of such disunity and confusion within Canadian Christendom?  He states in Matthew 12:25, “Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation, and every city or household divided against itself shall not stand.”  Moreover, in Revelation 3:15-16, John records how Christ reacted to similar division, compromise and self-delusion within the Church in Laodicea.  Jesus said of the Church: “I know your deeds, that you are neither cold nor hot.  I wish you were either one or the other!  So, because you are lukewarm – neither hot nor cold – I am about to spit you out of my mouth.”  Even though the Church was wealthy and did not want for temporal things, the membership was blind and their spirituality was unacceptable to Christ.  Notwithstanding the precept that there is but one true Gospel of Jesus Christ (1 Corinthians 15:1-2) and that Christ cannot be divided (1 Corinthians 1:13), Canadian Christians persist in witnessing to an absurd and unholy smorgasbord of “key” beliefs. 

No amount of sound economic and social governance by elected politicians will undo the impact of God turning away from a willfully professed secular humanist and homosexist state. More to the point, no amount of prayer by Canadian Christians (and there has been plenty over the decades) is likely to petition God’s favour under “status quo” witness conditions.  God’s gracious intervention on behalf of the Nation is unlikely, while significant portions of proclaimed Christendom go about “unabated” proselytizing a reimaged Christ and proclaiming God’s blessing on homosexual ordination and same-sex unions.  In the conspicuous rift between the orthodox believer and the so-called “pro-gay Christian,” common sense dictates that one follows the true Spirit and the other is giving false witness.  Christians owe Jesus Christ their individual and collective best witness.  Divided, half-hearted, lukewarm efforts in spiritual warfare result in failure.     

In sum, the “status quo” Christian witness in Canada has been, and will continue to be, a national-level failure.  Precisely because traditional church models and behaviors represent the “status quo,” they must be held accountable, challenged, and where possible, reformed.  Less than best efforts, although commendable, are not enough.  When a particular church model, Christian fellowship or church process is critiqued by this Organization, it is not that these are seen as entirely unsuccessful efforts or agencies, or that these are seen as not making a positive contribution to God’s Kingdom.  However, where appropriate, we need to call a spade a spade – ineffectual influence at the national level is a Christian responsibility at all levels, notwithstanding isolated personal and church-level victories for the Lord.  Christians live in denial, when they continue to apply the same level of effort and the same nature of witness expecting a different result for the Nation the next time.

Authentic believers must come out from the complacent, the deceived and the counterfeit; out from advocates of deception.  The greatest hindrance to a positive response to our prayers for spiritual revival and a moral turnaround within this country lies with us.  As the truism goes, “God is eternal, forever constant. And when God seems far away, it is not because He has changed or moved – it is because we have.”   It is not God’s will that Canada be the global leader in moral liberalism and secular humanism; nor is it in God’s character to be a magician and “miraculously” return the Nation to adherence to its founding Christian roots.  During the height of the same-sex marriage struggle (2004-05) one could not help but see the irony in the notion of Christians praying for Prime Minister Paul Martin (or any politician or political party for that matter) to have a miraculous about face on the issue – “gay marriage,” when at the same time, the largest Protestant church body in Canadian Christendom, second only in membership to the Roman Catholic Church, was ardently petitioning God to put Mr. Martin’s policy into law.  Indeed, during the same time Christians (clergy and laity) in other denominations were fence sitting, silent or split on the issue, all conditions likely to inhibit a favourable response.  A key to turning around Christian influence in Canada is to recognize the mess that God surely sees when He looks at Canadian Christendom; and fervently change things for the better with a contrite repentant heart.  There is no biblical revelation to suggest that God might miraculously intervene in the direction of this Nation, while the hearts and actions of His “elect” are in such unholy disarray?  2 Chronicles 7:14 clearly details who needs to repent before God will intervene. 

The national situation in Canada today is not unlike that of the nation of Israel in Isaiah’s time.  A portion of the prophet’s admonition to his “blind and deaf” nation reads: “Behold, the Lord’s hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear: but your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid His face from you, that He will not hear (Isaiah 59:1-2)…. we wait for light, but behold obscurity; for brightness, but we walk in darkness.  We grope for the wall like the blind, and we grope as if we had no eyes: we stumble at noonday as in the night; we are in desolate places as dead men (Isaiah 59:9-10).  Instead of harnessing the Lord’s “mighty power” and engendering God’s blessings upon our Nation, Canadian Christendom has become spiritually neutered (evangelically impotent) through such ungodly schemes as theological compromise, scriptural heresy, willful apostasy and abject ecumenicalism.  Second best efforts, if not complete apathy among fellowships, denominations and churches - not publicly asserting the tenets of the one true Gospel are at the heart of the problem.  For StandForGod.Org, maintaining this longstanding “status quo” witness is not an action option. 

We are in search of brothers and sisters (the Lord’s ambassadors) who have “saltiness” in their witness.  We are in search of approaches to doing things that properly reverence God; and as a result, win His favour to make possible positive change in Canadian society.  In general, people are sick of believers with “all-the-answers” and StandForGod.Org makes no attempt to achieve such a lofty position; our focus is foremost on asking the right questions in facing up to Christendom’s influence failures and in convincing Christians of the need for change.  The Organization also aims to influence the witness within Canadian Christendom for the better by seeking answers to key questions and by making (and soliciting) recommendations for what more can be done to turn things around.  The considerable effort spent in research and writing of the study materials on this website has been done not only to inform, but also to motivate.  It is one thing to be convinced that some policy or way of doing things is wrong; it is another thing entirely to grasp the magnitude of the policy damage or measure the consequence of continuing with the status quo.   

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