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Homosexist Worldview: Study Questions

Q1 – How has acceptance of the homosexist worldview changed since the start of the sexual liberation era? 

Q2 – What are the characteristics of homosexism?

Q3 – How have sexual orientation “identities” reduced cognitive dissonance among homosexuals, bisexuals, queers and transexuals?

Q4 – Is there an identity for everyone on the spectrum of non-heterosexual orientations? How does this spectrum and apparent fluidity for some undermine the notion of fixed attractions?

Q5 – What does homosexism say about sexual reorientation and deliverance?

Q6 – What is internalized homophobia?

Q7 – In homosexist ideology, whose responsibility is it to find solutions to ecological hazards and inherent infertility associated with the lesbian, gay, queer and transsexual lifestyles?

Q8 – Is there a rational boundary demarcating man-man from man-boy sex in homosexist ideology?

Q9 – Is there any difference between homosexism today and the practice in ancient Roman or early Greek times?

Q10 – How is homosexism associated with feminism?

Q11 – Can a state hold both heterosexist and homosexist worldviews at the same time? 

Q12 - What is the difference between a tolerant state and an indifferent nation?

Q13 - What roles have EGALE and the so-called "Court Party" played in the same-sex marriage victory?

Q14 - What is meant by the "Charter Revolution" and "judicial activism?" 

Q15 - What is the target of the Charter Revolution assault?