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Need for Sexual Experimentation – Study Questions


Q1 – What are the consequences of sexual experimentation among youth from a Christian worldview perspective?

Q2 – Can sexual experimentation with members of the same sex shape your sexual attraction preferences for a lifetime?

Q3 - Can sexual experimentation make you gay, lesbian, bisexual?

Q4 – What role does gender “opportunity” (the availability of same gender friends over opposite sex friends) play in homosexual experimentation before "testing" heterosexual intimacy, among youth?

Q5 – What does homosexual or pro-gay theology have to say about young wavers who don’t know whether they are heterosexual or homosexual?

Q6 – What does a brief study of Oscar Wilde’s tragic life reveal about the cost of wanton sexual experimentation in adulthood?

Q7 – How does lust fit into the sexual experimentation paradigm?  What does scripture have to say about lust?