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Boundary for Man-Boy Sex: Study Questions


Q1 – How do homosexists define the boundary between moral man-man sex and immoral man-boy sex?

Q2 – Does the North American Man-Boy Love Association need to be taken seriously?  What are their goals?

Q3 – In their book After the Ball, what do authors and Harvard graduates Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madison claim should be the evolution of man-boy sex?

Q4 – How have homosexists misled the public when referring to historical evidence for acceptance of homosexuality (exclusive of man-boy sex)?

Q5 – How do pedophiles see themselves and their relations with children?

Q6 – What keeps the “P” (for Pedophile) out of GBLTQ”P”?

Q7 – Given that the Netherlands allows man-boy sex at age 12, is the APA definition of pedophilia at age 13 and younger, out of date?

Q8 - Is conversion (reorientation) therapy ethical?