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Bailey's Pervert - The False Homosexual - Study Questions


Q1 – What is Derrick S. Bailey’s theory of the pseudo homosexual and the invert homosexual? Is it credible?  How has it influenced contemporary society?

Q2 – What does Lesbian Until Graduation (L.U.G.) mean?

Q3 – What are the orthodox and the pro-gay interpretations of the meaning behind the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah?  What do John Calvin, Martin Luther, Karl Barth, Gerhard von Rad, Bruce Metzger, William Everett Harrison, Paul Jewett and David Williams say about the Genesis 19 passage?

Q4 – What does the Apostle Paul say about homosexuality?

Q5 – What do Plato and Plutarch say about homosexuality?

Q6 – What does Tertullian say about homosexuality?