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Vision And Mission

The vision is exemplary witness across Canadian Christendom StandForGod.Org aims to stimulate model Christian behavior across Canada: (1) before God; (2) within our marriages and families; (3) within our congregations and fellowships; (4) within Christendom; and (5) before secular society. 

To the extent that the true Church in Canada can be identified, unified, and organized to take a stand for the authentic Gospel of Jesus Christ, Canadian society can be better influenced to stop walking away from God, and to return to governance and social trends that herald movement along a path that reverences God.  Hopefully and prayerfully, by reviving a contagious spirit of repentance, righteousness and reverence across Canadian Christendom, God might be successfully petitioned to bless this Nation and graciously re-establish Canadian governance upon principles recognizing His authority. 

The mission is to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Here, disciple means: (1) a believer and follower of Jesus Christ; (2) a learner of the Gospel of Jesus Christ; (3) one who is committed to a sacrificial life for Christ’s sake; and (4) one who, in his or her own time, acts to fulfill the great commission to make disciples of others. 

The target audience for StandForGod.Org is Canadian Christendom. StandForGod.Org wants to be a means by which like-minded Christians (believers who share ‘beliefs” and reform “burdens” similar to those expressed by the Organization) can find each other, fellowship and witness together, and intercede for the Nation and its citizens through ardent prayer.  

In pursuit of both the vision and mission the focus will be: (1) on comprehensive articulation of the Christian Worldview in contrast to competing paradigms; (2) on imploring fellow Christians to lead, witness and inspire through personal and collective example; and (3) equipping believers with practical ways to positively impact their lives and the lives of others for Christ.

The Organization is not incorporated, collects no monies, and consists entirely of volunteers.