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Queer Christianity: Study Questions


Q1 – What is a cult?  What is counterfeit Christianity? What is a pseudo-Christian cult?

Q2 – What is a central denial of many pseudo-Christian cults?

Q3 – What are homosexual ministers saying about “Christian” beliefs and doctrine?

Q4 – What is meant by the self-selected label “queer”?

Q5 – What challenges does the queer movement present to so-called “pro-gay theology” and to the politics of gay and lesbian “fixed” attractions?

Q6 – How should Christians affirm the dignity of an individual without modifying and rewriting scripture to hide, deny or overcome the fact that his or her condition and behavior is aberrant according to the Christian worldview?

Q7 – Is Christianity a gospel of unconditional inclusivity?  Is Christianity a gospel of creedal flexibility and adaptation to meeting people’s needs for affirmation?  Is Christianity a gospel of self-acceptance wherever one happens to be on a spectrum of sexual orientation?

Q8 – In pro-gay or queer theology what constitutes sin in the area of sexual behavior?