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Who Should Repent and Why? Study Questions


Q1 - Does Canadian Christendom - its denominations, churches, seminaries, clergy, laity and general members, need to repent; if yes, why; if no, why not?

Q2 - What is the most prevalent problem with the Christian witness in Canada?

Q3 - What are reasons why Canadian Christendom has not experienced national revival?

Q4 - What are current manifestations of rebellion, hard-heartedness, disobedience, pride, double-mindedness, unholiness, perversion and indifference in Canadian Christendom (or in your life, your small group, your church, your denomination)?

Q5 - What are the manifestations and dimensions of apostasy within Canadian Christendom?

Q6 - What will be the likely consequence of continuing the status quo Christian witness in Canada?

Q7 - What is the cost of fellowshipping with so-called “deceivers” - adherents to heretical doctrines and apostate denominations?

-       For the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada?

-       For the National Alliance of Covenanting Congregations within the United Church?

-       For the Community of Concern within the United Church?

-       For the Global Day of Prayer in Canada?

-   For  all Denominations invloved in Liberal Ecumenism Nationally and Internationally?

Q8 - What are the keys to effective collective prayer for national revival?

Q9 - What is the cost of sexual abuse by clergy in Canadian Christendom? 

Q10 - What are the characteristics of lukewarm Christians?