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Unite In (Not Against) Jesus Christ: Study Questions


Q1 – What are the similarities between Gnosticism and Religious Liberalism?

Q2 – What is humanism? What is secular humanism?  What is religious humanism?

Q3 – What are four pillars of the Christian faith usually denied by religious liberals?

Q4 – What is meant by the term God’s kingdom?  What is meant by humanist utopia?

Q5 – What is the Christian approach to facing the tribulations of this world?

Q6 – What is the humanist plan for resolving the tribulations of this world?

Q7 – What methodology do religious liberals advocte for addressing the tribulations of this world?

Q8 – What is the World Federalist Movement? 

Q9 – How does religious liberalism support world federalism?  Who are the key members in both camps? 

Q10 – How involved is the United Church of Canada in the World Federalist Movement?

Q11 – What pivotal roles have key mystics and spiritualists played in the genesis of the global governance movement?

Q12 – How does the United Nations fit into the global governance plan?

Q13 – What is the Canadian Council of Churches?  What is the National Council of Churches? 

Q14 – What is the World Council of Religious Leaders?  What is the World Council of Churches?

Q15 – What is global ecumenism?  What tenet of Christianity is incompatible with global ecumenism?