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Heterosexist Worldview: Take a Stand – Actions


1 – Invest the time and research to understand the tenets of heterosexism and homosexism.  Determine whether the Christian worldview is heterosexist or homosexist.

2 - In a small study group or at church-level develop a position paper on the heterosexist character of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Highlight God’s intent for sexual relations, marriage, procreation and family.  Make this statement/position paper available for membership and visitors to read.

3 - In a small study group or at church-level develop a position paper on the impact of the state adopting a homosexist worldview (symbolized by same-sex marriage law).  In other words, homosexists speak of the “deconstruction” of heterosexism in society; describe the short and long-term consequences of adopting same-sex marriage law upon the Christian witness within Canada.

4 – Form a committee to study what other churches and denominations are teaching.  If in fellowship with liberal churches or denominations that articulate homosexist theology, take a stand by doing one or all of the following: (1) witness vigorously against their homosexist heresy; and/or (2) separate from these self-proclaimed “Christians” who proselytize false theology.  View so-called “homosexist believers,” as individuals and congregations that are assaulting the Gospel, trying to re-image Christ, from within.

5 – Do not stop defending the heterosexist worldview out of a wish to avoid public controversy; do not expect the “deconstruction” of heterosexist vales in society to stop; do not assume same-sex marriage is the end to the assault on Christians and the Christian worldview. 
6 This website and Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? are offered to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Beyond being informative, these references are intended to be incitements to action.  StandForGod.Org is a general call to take up a more ardent, scripturally accurate, influence-driven stand for God.  The Organization is a means by which like-minded Christians can find each other and fellowship.  If your mind is in accord and your heart is at peace with StandForGod.Org, prayerfully consider membership and posting a www.StandForGod.Org bumper sticker on your car or elsewhere.