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Christendom and the State: Study Questions


Q1 – What is meant by the term “Canadian Christendom”?

Q2 – What is meant by the term “Canadian State”?

Q3 – What evidence is there of the secularization (diminishing influence of religion) on the affairs of state?

Q4 – What is the dogma of separation of church and state?  How has this dogma been misapplied within contemporary Christendom?  What are the adverse consequences of chronic secularization of the state?

Q5 – Is Canada a nation before God, accountable for its governance decisions?

Q6 – Are there limits to the compliance of Christendom (Romans 13) to governmental authority?  What credence, if any are we to give to our governing authorities?  If God is our authority, do we even have to listen to the government?  Do we owe allegiance to a government we believe corrupt?