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The UCC Factum to the Supreme Court on Same-Sex Marriage – Study



Q1 – What is a Factum?

Q2 – What assertions did the United Church make, having declared themselves to be Canada’s largest mainstream Protestant Christian denomination?

Q3 – What can be said about the credibility of the key claims made by the United Church?

Q4 –The United Church does not believe that the faith stance of a community which supports same-sex marriage undermines the faith stance of a community that does not.  Does this argument make any sense: (1) from a scriptural perspective? (2) from a secularist perspective?

Q5 – Is it not hypocritical to contend that there is no absolute truth; to also contend it is spiritually fine if United Church members reject same-sex marriage, and yet, declare with theological certainty that God sanctifies same-sex marriage?

Q6 – What is one to make of a denomination that makes these double-minded assertions about Christian faith, and yet, claims that those who oppose marriage redefinition are absurdly irrational?

Q7 – Now that the UCC offers marriage rights to homosexuals, what moral status do they associate with sexually active homosexuals who have no intention of getting married or living in a life-long union?

Q8 – What affect did the UCC homosexist position detailed in the Factum have on the effectiveness of Canadian Christendom’s legal resistance to marriage redefinition before the Supreme Court?

Q9 – What should be concluded about orthodox Christendom’s response to the UCC intervener witness on behalf of same-sex marriage?