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Top Cleric: Lukewarm Sermon - Study Questions


Q1 – Should same-sex marriage present a dilemma for the Christian? How difficult is the same-sex marriage issue?    

Q2 – What should be done when our top evangelical Christian leadership preaches a liberal stance on homosexuality?

Q3 – How equal are the same-sex union alternatives?

Q4 – What is gained and lost should evangelicals liberalize their witness to homosexuals?

Q5 – What does scripture say about homosexuality according to Pastor Price?

Q6 – Is the same-sex marriage struggle appropriately modeled as a tug-o-war between the views of the “world” and the “church”?

Q7 – Is the same-sex marriage struggle appropriately modeled as a tug-o-war between the views of the “courts” and the “church”?

Q8 – Is same-sex marriage a civil equality issue?  Is it a human rights issue?

Q9 – Was same-sex marriage inevitable as Pastor Price proclaimed?

Q10 – Pastor Price states that marriage is not a Christian ordinance.  Is this an accurate opinion?

Q11 – Should evangelicals offer a more liberal affirmation of homosexuals as Pastor Price advises?

Q12 – Is same-sex marriage an assault on the biblical family?

Q13 – What is one to make of Christian leadership who avoid making a clear public witness about the Christian worldview on same-sex marriage; who make no call to resist marriage redefinition; who declare same-sex marriage inevitable in spite of a huge on-going effort within Christendom to prevent the law; and who preach instead the need to adapt to the new homosexist reality by offering a more affirming ministry to homosexuals, all under the banner of evangelicalism?

Q14 – What does homosexism say about same-sex identity?     

Q15 – What does scripture say about homosexual identity? 

Q16 – What does science say about homosexual identity?    

Q17 – What part of homosexual attraction is of the Spirit?

Q18 – Is it true that homosexuals have no choice about their same-sex attraction?

Q19 – How is one to affirm the dignity of homosexuals in their life style and send a strong warning to waverers (youth who could go either way) of God’s will for their lives?

Q20 – Is it true, as Pastor Price contends, that identity drives behavior?

Q21 – What is a Christ-like biblical identity?  Can a biblical identity embrace homosexuality?

Q22 – Does the fact that Christ accepts us at conversion “just as we are” imply that deliverance from homosexuality is not necessarily a part of the biblical sanctification process?

Q23 – When people speak of the equal dignity of homosexuals before God, what does this really mean?  Is the concept of "human dignity" justification for same-sex marriage; indeed, for a more liberal stance toward homosexism?

Q24 – For those wanting deliverance, what does science have to say about the likelihood of success?

Q25 – How should Christians respond to the assertion that “no one chooses to be homosexual?