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Unite In (Not Against) Jesus Christ: Take a Stand - Actions


1 – Ecumenism directed at harmonizing faith with religious liberals, whether Christian or of another religion, is a cleverly disguised anti-Christ phenomenon.  It is a movement that collectively must deny Christ’s divinity and other key tenets of the faith.  The Son of God, alive today, and to return on the Day of Judgment, is fundamentally too discriminating, too judgmental, too exclusionary, and too uncooperative to be embraced in the new-age theology of global ecumenism.  The authentic Christ is too divisive (Hebrews 4:12; Luke 14:26) for ecumenism to even work nationally between liberal and orthodox “professed” Christians.  All need to acknowledge that religious liberalism is a nasty anti-Christ trend.    

2 – Individuals, small groups, congregations, denominations and other Christian agencies need to invest time in research and development of a full understanding of the anti-Christ foundation to the global governance movement and its partner - world ecumenism.  This appreciation needs to measure the organizational breadth of the movement, the strength of the faction, and the philosophies behind the involved interest groups.  Key Canadian personalities, denominations and councils linked to the global governance movement and world ecumenism need to be identified and watched.  Believers do our nation huge disservice when they choose to ignore efforts made by professed Christians to liberalize and harmonize the faith into a new so-called “all-inclusive gospel.”  This movement has both political and ecumenical aspects.  Believers need to separate from religious liberals in all contexts.  Christians need to view their politics through the prism of preserving the authentic Christian faith.  Christians cannot agree to disagree and keep in fellowship or association with unrepentant religious liberals.

3 - Canadian Christendom needs to demonstrate an unprecedented level of cooperation and unity in mounting an ardent witness against Gospel apostasy and liberal heresy.  The magnitude of the anti-Christ movement within Christendom is similar to that experienced in the Early Church from Gnosticism.  Historian Kurt Rudolph reveals the parallels:

Tertullian long ago, before modern investigation gathered together the numerous groups and movements of the heresy of the period under the general designation ‘gnosis,’ had grasped their essential elements. For him Gnosis is a ‘declining syncretism’ such as the natural spirituality of mankind loves, a spiritual and idealistic overestimate of the self which blurs the fixed limits that separate the creature from the deity; and it is at the same time the ‘nihilistic’ hostility against God of reality who has created the world and has revealed himself concretely in the flesh.[i]

The solution to the threat from Gnosticism in the Early Church was the development of a creed – an articulation of beliefs that define authentic Christianity.  What is need in the 21st Century to counter the threat from liberal unorthodoxy is an augmented creed that appropriately articulates the key principles of the Christian Worldview.  This action is the exact opposite course that religious liberals wish to take.  They prefer to escape scripture, overcome biblical doctrine and create new theology.  We cannot let the image of Jesus Christ be falsified for witness in the public realm. 

4 – Religious liberals would turn the Gospel of Jesus Christ primarily into a message of love and hope through temporal multifaith humanitarian aid and not of repentance, acceptance and salvation.  The exaltation of Jesus Christ and the witness to His salvation purose must remain the focus of all that Christians do.  We cannot diminish the fact that everyone is headed towards eternal judgment and only the accepted sacrifice and lordship of Jesus Christ saves.

5 This website and Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? are offered to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Beyond being informative, these references are intended to be incitements to action.  StandForGod.Org is a general call to take up a more ardent, scripturally accurate, influence-driven stand for God.  The Organization is a means by which like-minded Christians can find each other and fellowship.  If your mind is in accord and your heart is at peace with StandForGod.Org, prayerfully consider membership and posting a www.StandForGod.Org bumper sticker on your car or elsewhere.  

[i] Kurt Rudolph, Gnosis: The Nature and History of Gnosticism, translated by Robert McLachan Wilson (Edinburgh:T&T Clark Limited, 1983), p.10.