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Origin of Humankind: Study Questions

Q1 – What is a major psychological reason why many people embrace the theory that we are alone, here by accident and mutation (Darwinism) over the Creation account?

Q2 – What is the “gradualist” approach to the evolutionary theory of mankind?

Q3 – What is the significance of the Dmanisi find of August 2002?

Q4 – What does disqualifying Neanderthals from the “graduated evolutionary chain”  do to the credibility of the theory?

Q5 – What evidences does researcher and author Ian Taylor present to disclaim the assertions that the following are "authentic" hominoids (missing links):

Piltdown remains - asoanthropus dawsoni -  Dawson’s Dawn man

Java Man - Pithecanthropus Erectus

Nutcracker Man - Zinjanthropus

The ‘1470’ Man - Australopithecine

Lucy - Australopithecus afarensis

Peking Man - Sinanthropus pekinensis,  Homo erectus pekinesis