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EFC Prayer Launch: Take a Stand – Actions


1 – The name “United Church,” associated with 3,405 individual congregations across Canada, cannot be disestablished from the parent denomination – moderator, general council, 13 regional conferences and 91 district presbyteries.  If it could be, the term “United Church” would have no real national meaning.  The term “United Church,” behind the name Wilmount United Church, only has significance as an indication of linkage to the aggregate national assembly and the national collective voice.  Those who congregate under the “United Church” banner are in denial, if they think they are not by their choice of membership supporting and endorsing the national proclamations and governance.  There is nothing in scripture that ties a Christian to a broken or apostate denomination.  Those who congregate under the “United Church” banner are off base, if they think they are not also accountable for their denomination’s actions.  Those within the “United Church” who have complained for decades about the national general council being out of touch with the person in the pew should stop complaining, stop donating, and leave the denomination.  Just walk away.  Join a Godly movement elsewhere.

2 – Issues such as the legalities of building ownership, social club loyalty, nostalgia, cultural inertia, family tradition, historical ties, and fear of the unknown are not good reasons to stay connected to an apostate denomination.  To the extent that reformers try to be in two places at one time, to bridge the gap between orthodoxy and liberalism, they serve only liberal goals by masking the true identity of the body from public perception.  The fact is a successful event for Dominion-Chalmers “United Church” is a public relations windfall for the United Church of Canada.  That’s how denominational associations work.  The credibility of an individual church contributes to the believability of the parent organization.  Orthodox congregations in the NACC need to question what they have accomplished in their decades of association with systemic liberalism.  Mention one success that reformers can claim against the tsunami of liberal unorthodoxy, a half-century in the making.  All evangelical or orthodox association with the United Church must end.

3 – The Evangelical Fellowship of Canada needs to clarify policy on association with churches and agencies of the United Church of Canada.  It is naive and dangerous, from a spiritual warfare perspective, to allow personal relationships or sincere goodwill to be the criteria on which the United Church banner and EFC banner are brought together.  And it is devious to drop “United” from the name Dominion-Chalmers United Church when convenient and restore it under other circumstances.  Furthermore, the EFC needs to consider the paradox of: (1) representing an evangelical fellowship dedicated to bringing people out of darkness and into the light of Jesus Christ; and (2) encouraging people (like the NACC members) to remain within the darkness of a stubborn apostate denomination.  This style of leadership by the EFC is double-minded and amounts to watching hundreds of thousands disembarking from the Titanic (leaving the sinking UCC ship) because they are burdened so; and yet, the Fellowship encourages through affiliation a much smaller group to stay on board, resigned to a vain notion of keeping the ship afloat.  The EFC professes freedom of conscience as the bottom line reason for allowing the NACC to remain for decades on a ship headed in only one direction away from God.     Someone within the EFC needs to explain why the Holy Spirit would burden hundreds of thousands to flee the apostasy of the UCC, but not a hundred NACC-EFC affiliates.  Perhaps these NACC churches need to be helped to see the true situation.  The real bottom line: What heresy would it take to spring the reformers from their United Church pews?  Denial of the divinity of Jesus Christ did not do it.  Homosexual ordination did not do it.   Same-sex marriage did not do it.  What’s left?  The Holy Spirit is not running around on the Titanic decks with two loud hailers, one for those who are told to abandon ship and another for the NACC to stay.  One group hears the wrong message.  They need help – EFC.

4 – All involved with the National Launch A Year of Prayer in Canada should weigh the consequences of their misguided association with the United Church during such an important happening, in such a pivotal year, and in such a strategic city.   If you cannot see the need to repent of this association then there is not much hope that the status quo witness, which plagues Canadian Christendom, will be overturned from the top.

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