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Origin of the Universe: Study Questions


Q1 – According to Scripture who was around in the beginning?

Q2 – Rationally, which takes the greater faith: (1) God created the universe in the beginning; or (2) the universe was created by an accidental big bang of horrendous energy initially confined in a relatively infinitesimal space, which by chance developed the math and physics that resulted in the material world?

Q3 – What evidence is there to refute the existence of God and Creationism?

Q4 – What evidence is there to defend the existence of God and Creationism?

Q5 – Why do evolutionists purport with such conviction the absence of a causal Creator, given the evidence for God’s existence, and yet devotedly believe in the certainty of chance life existing elsewhere, in spite of evidence to the contrary?

Q6 – How does the Law of Energy Conservation, also known as the First Law of Thermodynamics, affect the credibility of the Big Bang theory?

Q7 – How should a Christian articulate the Biblical worldview of Creation?