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Breaking the Status Quo

The target audience for StandForGod.Org is Canadian Christendom. StandForGod.Org wants to be a means by which like-minded Christians (believers who share ‘beliefs” and reform “burdens” similar to those expressed by the Organization) can find each other, fellowship and witness together, and intercede for the Nation and its citizens through ardent prayer.  

In pursuit of both the Organization vision and mission the focus will be: (1) on comprehensive articulation of the Christian Worldview in contrast to competing paradigms; (2) on imploring fellow Christians to lead, witness and inspire through personal and collective example; and (3) equipping believers with practical ways to positively impact their lives and the lives of others for Christ.

With a central focus of ending the Status Quo Witness of Canadian Christendom, readers and members are encouraged to submit suggestions for improving the Christian influence and effectiveness in Canada.  Suggestions will be posted in the “Take a Stand – Actions” file with each study topic.  Comments in the form of an essay may be posted as an article with the appropriate study topic.