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UCC: Abject Apostasy – Study Questions


Q1 – How many United Churches are there?  How large is the denomination?

Q2 - What heretical beliefs and unchristian actions have been associated with the United Church of Canada since the 1960s?

Q3 – What is orthodoxy?  When and why was the term first applied to Christianity?  Why did the early Church develop creedal statements?

Q4 – What is Gnosticism?  What threat did it pose to first and second century Christianity?

Q5 - What beliefs does the United Church of Canada have in common with Gnosticism?

Q6 – According to scripture not everyone who says “Lord Lord” will enter the Kingdom (Matthew 7:21-22).  Is it possible to be part of Christendom and yet: (1) deny the Trinity; (2) deny the Bible is the Word of God and the final authority on matters of faith; (3) deny the divinity of Jesus Christ; (4) deny that Jesus Christ is the only way of redemption; (5) deny original sin; (6) deny judgment; (7) believe that all will be saved; (8) condone premarital, extra-marital and homosexual sex; (9) declare no normative theology; (10) condone abortion as a backup procedure for failed contraception; or (11) perform same-sex marriages?   How would you identify who is a member of Canadian Christendom?

Q7 – What do devote secularists and religious liberals share in common?

Q8 – How should believers relate to professed “Christians,” who wish to reimage Jesus Christ for a postmodern culture?

Q9 – What UCC Moderator gave an 80th Anniversary sermon on why the denomination was so bereft of the presence of the Holy Spirit?  What did he say?

Q10 – What is the relationship between the Light and the Law, and what happens when the Law is ignored?