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God Made Me This Way: Take a Stand – Actions


1 – Invest time and research effort into understanding the psychology of homosexuality and knowing the supportive options that people with same-sex attraction have for changing.

2 - In a small group or at church-level write a statement or position paper on the theology and science of homosexuality and of reorientation therapy.  Make this statement/position paper available for church membership and visitors to read.

3 – Prepare a response group for those seeking assistance with and deliverance from same-sex attraction.  Publicize the existence and purpose of this ministry within the church and in the community.  If practical, establish an association with Exodus International ministry to homosexuals or with other interested churches.  [Exodus will affirm that it is not crucial to have so-called “ex-homosexual” people in a support group to be effective.]

4 – Wherever and whenever possible encourage all to see that, although very difficult, God has a way out from succumbing to the temptation of the homosexual lifestyle.

5 This website and Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? are offered to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Beyond being informative, these references are intended to be incitements to action.  StandForGod.Org is a general call to take up a more ardent, scripturally accurate, influence-driven stand for God.  The Organization is a means by which like-minded Christians can find each other and fellowship.  If your mind is in accord and your heart is at peace with StandForGod.Org, prayerfully consider membership and posting a www.StandForGod.Org bumper sticker on your car or elsewhere.