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UCC Prayer Breakfast - Study Questions


Q1 – Is it proper to deconstruct the heterosexist precepts of the Christianity by belittling the authority of the Bible (“received text,” as the UCC moderator calls it)?

Q2 – Having dismissed the relevance of scripture, is it then proper to contend that the love of Jesus Christ, the vision of God’s love, ultimately leads to the sanctification of homosexual marriage?

Q3 – Is it proper, indeed logical, to claim that all values (Christian, non-Christian, Gnostic) hold equal truth? And if this were true, is it then proper that religious liberals demand the redefinition of the millenniums-old institution of marriage in fulfillment of their truth?

Q4 – Is the Word of God, the love of Jesus Christ, and the council of the Holy Spirit like a living tree, ever changing, always open to reinterpretation, as each generation enters a higher level of consciousness?  And if one’s understanding of God’s revelation is so mutable, then what makes religious liberals so sure at this time that their position on same-sex marriage is right? 

Q5 – Where do bisexual relationships stand In the UCC moderator’s claim of the inherent sanctity of “equal marriage”?

Q6 – When the UCC moderator says he holds a natural theology viewpoint, what does this mean?  Is natural theology compatible with the Christian worldview?

Q7 – The UCC moderator declares if he and his denomination are wrong on the sanctity of same-sex marriage, he is confident that God will forgive them.  Is this sound spiritual leadership?  Is the moderator an undeclared deist?  What is a deist?

Q8 – Has the UCC been hijacked from an orthodox path onto a Gnostic route by decades of psuedo-Christian leadership?

Q9 – What was the outcome of the 1976 experiment in homosexism called “A Pastoral Hypothesis”?