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Who Should Repent and Why? Take a Stand - Actions


Call for Unity in Christ 

1 – Missionaries often return to Canada praising the Lord for what He is doing in places like Kenya, the Caucasus or elsewhere.  They describe to the best of their understanding God’s plan for the country or geographic region.  Yet Christians living in Canada seldom speak with unction (prophetic and biblical accuracy) of God’s plan for our nation.  We can discern what organized church is not doing well and we can describe accurately how our country is slipping deeper into rebellion.  But we do not have a firm grasp of God’s plan to turn the population towards Him.  Indeed, we have more of a sense of being abandoned as a nation to drift down an ungodly path of choice.  It is more likely today that a missionary from elsewhere will come with a prophetic message of God’s plan for Canada.  Missionaries rarely visualize God’s work through denominational prisms; that is to say they don’t envision the divine plan for Kenya piecemealed into Pentecostal, Baptist, Roman Catholic, Anglican, and United Church parts.  Frankly, denominational pluralism is not a goal described in the Bible.  Denominational (and local church) parochialism has weakened the influence and credibility of the Body and greatly facilitated the secularization of our nation.  Blinded by organizational self-interest, church pride and inter-denominational distrust, if not contempt, Canadian believers have failed to recognize and thus embrace God’s unified vision for our nation.  Since profession of Biblical truth brings unity within the Body, the measure of disunity among Canadian believers reflects the distance that parts of the Body have wandered away from God’s Word.  To breach the “status quo” witness we have to start seeing ourselves as more than insular members of a neighbourhood body of Christians, as important as local congregations are.  Furthermore, we must lift our field of view beyond the level of our denomination or affiliated group of churches.  We have to return to the early church mindset of one church, one fellowship, one Body of God’s elect.  We must think and operate as unified members of Canadian Christendom. 


Call for a More Comprehensive Creed

2 – Until Canadian Christendom addresses its unholy mix of authentic faith, theological ignorance, doctrinal deception, heresy, indifference and apostasy, national revival is very unlikely.  It is true that nothing is impossible with God.  But do we really want to put Him to the test by sticking with the “status quo” witness leaving all for God to miraculously fix, somehow inexplicably redeeming, purifying, unifying and expanding His Church.  How would such a miracle unfold?  Would we wake-up one day to discover that Adventists, Baptists, Anglicans and Catholics like fellowshipping together?  Would we wake-up one day and find that only 100 NACC congregations and 20,000 COC members are all that remains of the United Church?  Would we wake-up one day and discover a divine tablet had been left detailing an augmented creed defining the essentials of the Christian Worldview in this era of unprecedented new technologies and religious liberalism?  And if the tablet was there for all to read and comprehend, would the Holy Spirit reboot the consciences of those believers who have grown accustomed to personal freedom of conscience and who cherish the “prerogative” to determine what is right and wrong for themselves?  Would it not be miracle of “Parting the Red Sea” proportion to find that all believers were more than willing to profess this new statement of beliefs, identifying and unifying all members of the authentic Church, differentiating real believers from counterfeit?  Not likely to happen miraculously.  If national revival is to come along these lines, we will have to bear the brunt of the preparatory work.  To start, Canadian Christendom needs a new augmented creed, an unambiguous declaration of the Christian Worldview, that embodies all the traditional creedal statements plus explicit statements on euthanasia, abortion, homosexism, marriage, cloning and other festering moral and religious issues.


Call for Collective Repentance

3 – If national revival is to come, we must also take ownership of our personal and collective transgressions and genuinely repent of REBELLION, HARD-HEARTEDNESS, DISOBEDIENCE, PRIDE, DOUBLE-MINDEDNESS, UNHOLINESS, PERVERSION and INDIFFERENCE.  Canadian Christendom needs to come before God on a unified national scale, in Christ, praying from a position of spiritual brokenness pleading for a change of mind and heart, for purity of conviction and a fresh anointing of commitment, wisdom and discernment.  There will be no revival without a broken and contrite heart, a new wholesome reverence for Christ, and a renewed priority for evangelizing the lost.


Call for Purity in Christian Fellowship and Public Witness

4 – Until Canadian Christendom recognizes the spiritual cost of fellowshipping with deceivers and apostates and consequently takes great care to separate from these bearers of false doctrines, revival will be unlikely.  It is time that authentic believers recognize that no kingdom vine can be a branch of the United Church of Canada.   Any person, church or organization claiming the name “United Church of Canada” needs to be isolated from the Body with gentleness and humility.  Those who claim to be evangelical reformers within the apostate denomination need to be treated the same way and prayed for to come to their senses and leave. 


Action at a Personal Level

5 This website and Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? are offered to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Beyond being informative, these references are intended to be incitements to action.  StandForGod.Org is a general call to take up a more ardent, scripturally accurate, influence-driven stand for God.  The Organization is a means by which like-minded Christians can find each other and fellowship.  If your mind is in accord and your heart is at peace with StandForGod.Org, prayerfully consider membership and posting a www.StandForGod.Org bumper sticker on your car or elsewhere.