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COC: Don’t Leave the UCC: Take a Stand – Actions


1 – Brothers and Sisters in Christ, outside the United Church, pray for the few remaining orthodox believers within the UCC.  Pray that the COC joins in spiritual solidarity with the hundreds of thousands burdened to flee the denomination.  Pray that they recognize that there are no more breaches in faith, no more unsanctified actions that the UCC can take that would exceed the heresies already committed.  Pray that the COC might see that the only witness of impact at this point is a witness of separation.

2 – If the status quo, ineffective witness of Canadian Christendom is to be ruptured, if the rout of religious liberalism is to be stopped, if a spirit of repentance and orthodoxy is to return, the UCC and its spirit of apostasy must be isolated and quarantined.

3 This website and Pivot of Civilization or Rivet of Life? are offered to equip and encourage Christians to be better disciples of Jesus Christ.  Beyond being informative, these references are intended to be incitements to action.  StandForGod.Org is a general call to take up a more ardent, scripturally accurate, influence-driven stand for God.  The Organization is a means by which like-minded Christians can find each other and fellowship.  If your mind is in accord and your heart is at peace with StandForGod.Org, prayerfully consider membership and posting a www.StandForGod.Org bumper sticker on your car or elsewhere.