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Study Topics - Action Issues

1 - Conflicting Worldviews:

2 - Debunking Homosexist "Christian" Theology:

3 - Amiss Witness and Flawed Spiritual Warfare:

4 - What to Make of Canadian Christendom?

5 - Decline of Marriage:

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6 - Decline of Biblical Family:

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7 - Societal Ills:

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8 - The Technological Society:

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9 - Comparing Church Models:

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10 - Evangelism and Outreach:

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11 - Intercessory Prayer

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12 - Education:

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 What is the Impact of Christianity in Canada? 

    StandForGod.Org is dedicated to addressing this question and to exploring the reasons
  behind Christian influence failures.  The Organization seeks to explain how Christians
can regain God’s blessing upon our Nation.

Learn how to better "Stand For God" by "Exalting Jesus Christ" in all. 


Some Facts About Canada:

           In 2001, 76% of Canadians identified Christianity as their religion.


           In 2002, Canadians spent $11.3 billion gambling, up 320 % from 1992. 
           In 2003, the divorce rate was 38.3%, 3rd highest in the Western World.


           In 2003, there were 3,765 suicides, 26 % more than traffic deaths.


           From 1994 to 2004, the users of cocaine in a lifetime increased 180%. 
           In 2004, 4.1 million reported use of an injectable drug in their life.  
           In 2006, the illicit drug trade was between 11 and 46 billion dollars.
           In 2006, 71% of Canadians said they are not highly religious.
           In 2006, 50% of those aged 15 to 29 declared no religious affiliation.
           The proportion of married-couple families is at a record low of 68.6%.
           The fertility rate is 1.49 births with “Christian” women averaging 1.35. 
           Each year, about 335,000 babies are born and 103,000 are aborted.
           The average age to first intercourse is 16.5 years for both sexes.
           The average age to first marriage is 30.3 for men, 28.5 for women.
           850,000 people aged 15-49 have sexually transmitted diseases. 


Some Observations About Canada:

           Canada is a “Global Leader” in liberal abortion access.

           Canada is a “Global Leader” in same-sex marriage law.

           Canada is a “Global Leader” in religious liberalism.  

           Canada is a “Global Leader” in multifaith ecumenism.

      • Canada has removed the name "Jesus Christ" from public liturgy.

          Canada is a secular humanist and homosexist state.